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1. Can you tell us about your artistic journey and how you developed your unique style?

I'm someone who started drawing on the street, then went digital. using many styles and being called a poser for liking many styles until I really named myself a poser because I could be whatever I liked. but not only that, I even made something new out of the styles I liked.

2. Your work seems to be influenced by Jean-Michel Basquiat. How has his art inspired you, and how do you incorporate his influence into your own creations?

I see that his work is very freedom, there is no need for a clear color, object composition, just let it flow and form something beautiful for me. Likewise with my work, inspired to be free in a life full of chaos and unclear colors of life makes me leave my work as it is and sometimes it is created chaotically because when drawing my mood is very good.

3. Many of your pieces feature human figures in an abstract and dark atmosphere. What themes or emotions do you aim to convey through these works?

I wanted to show a sense of hope, a form of chaos. It's like trying to do the best I can to achieve beauty even in chaos.

4. Your bio mentions that you love to explore experience, black, and chaos pantone. Can you elaborate on how these elements are reflected in your art?

I inserted a lot of objects, dark and irregular colors. tried many styles to make it abstract but still with a form that can be interpreted into manifestation or multi-interpretation.

5. Congratulations on your recent participation in the CODA XVI exhibition. How was your experience showcasing your work there, and what did you learn from it?

I'm very happy to be able to participate in the CODA Exhibition several times. Besides making new friends, I'm also proud to be among great artists.

6. As an underrated artist, what challenges have you faced in gaining recognition for your work, and how have you overcome them?

I remain who I am, working with what I like. And my principle is that it's okay if I'm not better than other people, at least I'm better than I was before.

7. How do you see your art evolving in the future, and what new projects or exhibitions do you have planned?

  I believe art will never die, so I'll keep create and create something

8. In your opinion, what role does digital art play in the contemporary art world, and how do you think it will shape the future of art?

I don't know for sure, but I still believe that whether digital or contemporary art has its own audience and will continue to grow.



works often feature motifs reminiscent of Michel Basquiat. Not all pieces do, however. They exhibit a fragmented storytelling style, various elements like crowns, and some pieces have a more modern, low-saturation feel. When overlaid with the artist's interview insights, one can feel projected into some abyss by the subjects or black masks present in each piece.

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© 2024 NDD INC. All rights reserved.

© 2024 NDD INC. All rights reserved.

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