Apr 10, 2024

1. Your recent work "Eerie Soiree" seems to have a style reminiscent of Junji Ito's characters. Was he an influence on this piece or your style in general? What drew you to a retro/anime aesthetic?

With all due respect, i admire Junji Ito greatly. I have a lot of respect for his work. Junji Ito’s style has been a huge inspiration for me, especially in creating those spine-chilling vibes and mysterious characters. His ability to evoke a sense of unease and suspense is something i greatly admire. However, I wouldn’t say he’s the sole influence on “Eerie Soiree” or overall style. I draw inspiration from various sources, including classis horror literature, surrealism art, and even a music video from the band i loved.

Regarding the retro/anime aesthetic, I love the unique blend of nostalgia and creativity it embodies. When i watch with works that have retro vibe, i feel connected to a warm, nostalgic past filled with memories. The retro aesthetic evokes a deep sense of nostalgia, bring me back to different eras with all their colors and styles.

2. "The Last Performance" has a striking red and black color scheme and unsettling imagery. Can you explain the concept and story behind this artwork? What emotions or ideas were you trying to evoke?

“The Last Performance” is my experimental piece after two previous works. I tried to play with intense emotions, aiming to evoke a visceral response from people. Through this artwork, i wanted to convey a sense of raw emotion and unease, hence the striking red and black color scheme and unsettling imagery.

the close-up angle and intense color contrasts were deliberate choices to intensify the emotional impact and bring the people into the scene. By emphasizing the character’s pained expression and posture, i aimed to create a sense of immediacy and immersion. Inviting people to empathize with depicted emotions.

   - What symbolic meaning do the black shadows and spiders hold in "The Last Performance"?

They serve as a metaphors for inner struggles and anxieties, adding depth to the narrative and enhancing the overall unsettling atmosphere of the artwork.

  - Why did you use intense color contrasts in this piece?
As i said before, i went for those intense color contrasts to really make the emotions pop and grab your attention. The bold clash between the red and black creates this kind of visual tension that visualize the emotional intensity i wanted to convey in the artwork. It adds a dynamic energy to the piece, making it stands out and stick in your mind long after you’ve seen it (i wish).

   - What narrative does the character's pained expression and posture aim to convey?

She is a talented primadonna whose talent was a great as her tragedy. She was the muse and madness of the artist.

   - Is there a specific meaning behind the title "The Last Performance"?
I can’t say much about the meaning of the title. I Let it be a wild perception for the audience to interpret.

3. "SÈIRING" features a character with an unusual pose and expression against an ethereal background. What inspired this piece and what does the title signify?

 This artwork is inspired by The Cure that described as a “Happy Sad” band and The album title by The Jesus and Mary Chain “Psychocandy”, Which depicts a juxtaposed of situation. SÈIRING means something like going together or along with. The character showing joy that hides a deep-seated resentment from their grim past.

4. As an artist who recently minted NFTs on Solana, what attracted you to the NFT space? How has the experience been so far?

I found the NFT space it offers a fresh avenue everyday to showcase my artwork digitally and engage directly with the collectors. The concept of owning digital assets backed by blockchain tech intrigued me. The experience so far has been pretty exciting. I’ve been diving into the world of NFT Creation process. Launching my artwork as NFTs on Solana has also connected me with passionate and supportive community of artist and collectors.That is so good to see the artist support artist and the supportive community.

5. Your artworks showcase impressive quality and a distinctive style. Have you had prior experience or training as a professional artist before entering the NFT world?

I don’t have formal training as a professional artist. However, before entering the NFT world, I was an Art Director in a creative agency.

6. The characters in your artworks often have striking and unusual features. How do you approach character design and what influences your aesthetic choices?

I typically approach character design by first considering the narrative or concept behind the artwork. I think about the emotions or story i want to convey and then start sketching out ideas for the characters. Classis horror literature, surrealism art, Retro anime/manga and music video from the band i love influence me as well.

7. Your art seems to blend elements of horror, surrealism, and anime. How do you balance these different genres and styles in your work?

I don’t think too much about it. I just let my imagination run wild and see what comes out of it.

8. As an artist in the digital age, what role does technology play in your creative process? Do you exclusively create digital art or do you also work with traditional media?

Not gonna lie, technology plays a significant role in my creative process. It provides me with tools and platform to find inspirations, drawing,  and reach wider audience. I used to draw with traditional media. But now, I primarily create digital art due to its versatility and accessibility. 

9. The NFT space is known for its vibrant community. How has interacting with collectors and other artists in the NFT world influenced your work, if at all?

interacting with collectors and other artists like @SeptaPaboy in the NFT world has influenced my work significantly. It has provided me with valuable insight, inspiration, and feedback.



When I first saw this work, I was immediately amazed. The work was called "The Last Performance", and it had a retro feel with the color red, and although it could be somewhat provocative, it was a work that made the surrounding bees think again about the work.

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